3 day challenge: Is alcohol your bff or your arch-nemesis?

3 day challenge: Is alcohol your bff or your arch-nemesis?

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3 Modules

DAY ONE: your relationship with alcohol. Do you control alcohol or does it control you?

Day 2: Why and how you drink. Patterns, messages, and how they affect you.

Welcome to day 2 of the challenge.

You have been bombarded with messages about alcohol from a young age.

You have internalized these messages. You’re going to look at how these messages influenced your beliefs about alcohol.

Your drinking career has likely spanned a number of years, and for some, like me, it was decades.

You’re going to take it from the beginning and examine the progression.

A look into your love affair with alcohol is going to illustrate the things you self-medicate away.

You’ll also identify the events that trigger increased alcohol use.

Finally, there are some tough questions.

By the end of today, you will have a black and white picture of your brand of drinking.

Day 3: Consequences, how you life has been hijacked, the pros and cons. BONUS module: DECISION day.... make a plan.

Welcome to day 3 of the challenge.

Today you are going to look at the consequences you are dealing with due to your alcohol use.

There are a million different ways alcohol can hijack your life, see how many you can relate to.

Looking at the pros and cons of alcohol might surprise you.

Today you are going to make a decision.

A tough decision, one that no doubt scares you to death. Are you going to continue drinking or is it time to drop the bottle?

A 9 step framework will help you develop a plan to ditch the booze.

Whether you decide to quit or continue, being aware of the facts, gaining clarity, and knowing the warning signs is still beneficial.

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